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The ClimateWise Associations website and program are designed to help all types of associations – plus their leaders, executive, staff and most importantly their members – to cut emissions and adapt. All associations are well placed to lead and influence. Associations also have a unique understanding of their sector or field in which they operate.

Find out more about your role and opportunities:

Business, industry and professional associations

Commercial, industry and professional associations – and peak bodies – have the most power and influence to reduce emissions and address climate change.

Professionals are the experts and valued advisors to companies, governments and individuals. In each professional field, the effects of climate change need to be assessed and incorporated into the advice and service delivered. Industry and business associations have direct influence within the national and global markets.

Much of the ClimateWise Associations website and program is geared directly toward the business, industry and professional sectors. The program and tools can facilitate all sectors to becoming climate-wise.

Community and sporting associations

Australia has community and special interest associations in every corner of the nation, covering every type of interest. Many will have local, state and national federated structures and links. Shifts to becoming climate-wise will start at any level, and amongst members and committees. 

Individual consumers, households and small businesses can each participate in climate-wise actions. Working together as part of a community or sports association means more is achieved collectively. 

Whatever your interest and association, football, hiking, woodwork, car clubs or single-parenting, everyone can and will need to embrace climate-wise shifts. These will include climate-proofing their buildings, switching to low emission suppliers, being more flexible when activities are held to minimise heat exhaustion, travel, etc.

The tools and guidance on this website apply to associations of any size and purpose. All associations can examine their area of activities to work out:

    • where they are impacting sustainability and emissions
    • what impacts climate change is having
    • opportunities to reduce negative climate change  impacts
    • opportunities to achieve benefits by making changes

As well as the tools and resources on this website, you might like to check out these Australian resources  established with especially small and local organisations in mind:

Climate Action Network Australia – a network of diverse community associations with shared goals

Climate Action Australia – a network of individuals and businesses aiming to amplify voices for climate change

Association members

As a member – whether an individual, an organisation or a company – you can participate in ensuring your association becomes climate-wise:

  • Urge your association to implement a climate-wise program – make sure your association officers and fellow members know you want action
  • Get involved and help drive action – put your hand up for a working group or sub-committee; research risks and opportunities; reach out to others
  • Provide examples from your own actions – offer to share materials and resources
    that demonstrate relevance within the sector

Check our Templates for handy materials.

You can also use the guidance and resources on this website to implement in your own organisation – company, small business, club, etc. 

Climate alliances

Some people are so concerned at the slow pace of associations they form alternative groups.  These include, for example, Doctors for the Environment Australia, Farmers for Climate Action, Science Teachers for Climate Awareness to name just a few.

Alliances allow concerned individuals to combine their expertise and energy to make a difference – in their own field and beyond. These are champions for sustainability, working together to drive change. In doing so, they demonstrate that action can be taken in their own sector.

These new progressive groups illustrate the urgency and need for associations to become climate-wise – to pivot their programs, services and support members to adapt to low emissions and climate-constrained future.

Such collaborative alliances can work alongside associations for mutual benefit. Many hands make light work …

Whenever members get together there’s an opportunity to become more climate-wise. Visit our Event Planning page.