Your handy toolkit to become climate-wise

Associations want support and easy steps forward, given the lean teams available to manage operations. With these tools, associations and members can all move forward – cutting emissions and reducing impact from worsening climate events.

Our materials suit all associations and members – businesses, industries, professionals and communities – peak bodies, big, medium, small and smell-of-an-oily-rag tiny.  Everyone can act and make a difference. 

All materials and tools are free of change. No hidden costs or marketing. We just want everyone to become more climate-wise. 

The toolkit has all your needs covered:

Case for action on climate by associations – Potential for influence by associations and the reasons we all need to act

Shining examples – Practical climate-wise action already taken by Australian associations are listed to inspire and motivate all associations and members

Barriers and Opportunities – Our quick list of clever and low-cost ways you can get around roadblocks to cutting emissions and reducing climate impacts

Action list – For reference or as a checklist, this list provides a set of actions for climate-wise associations

Templates – Don’t struggle. Avoid hassles. Our templates are ready to adapt for your association – now

Rate your progress – It’s surprising the many ways associations can support or hinder progress toward a climate-wise future for themselves, their members and audiences. Explore and fill out this benchmarking tool to find out how your association stacks up and ways to improve (includes links to some fabulous Australian association examples)

Event planning guide – All associations hold events. There’s ways to make them climate-wise

Case studies – Associations in Australia and around the world are implementing climate-wise initiatives. Be inspired and get moving

Resources and links – These are external links to authoritative sources for further facts, data, policies, and expert references. This toolkit has all your needs covered

Overview booklet – There’s an online version, also available as a downloadable PDF in the Document Library

Starting out?
If you’re starting on the climate-wise path, check out our roadmap and tips on the Starting out page. These help everyone involved in associations, including  members and staff.