Starting Out

Congratulations on starting your climate-wise journey

Climate change and emissions reduction are the biggest challenge and responsibility for us all – to contribute to keep temperature rise below 1.5oC and stop climate impacts getting even worse.
Associations cannot continue to operate ‘business as usual’ given the scale of change and impact already evident. It’s sad but true –  associations that don’t adapt their programs, buildings, investments and future plans will be left behind – and stall their members as well.
Associations can and must play a role in supporting members and stakeholders to cut emissions and adapt – to become climate-wise.

Your roadmap

Climate-wise actions have a logical flow.  Associations may work at multiple steps simultaneously.
Climate-wise associations Starting Out Diagram
Climate-wise starting out
These steps provide an overview.   More information and guidance are available in our Rating Tool

Tips to get you started:

  • Build connections to existing processes
  • Leverage existing skills in the association
  • Collaborate with experts and partners
  • Tie climate change adaptation and mitigation to existing priorities
  • Weave climate change into your existing programs
  • Implement small manageable steps
  • Interstate and overseas associations know your sector.
  • Learn from and collaborate with successful programs already in place.
Your climate change strategy needs to resonate with your members. Find internal champions who recognise the challenges and opportunities within your sector, then invite them to participate.
If there’s a climate change action alliance within your sector, capitalise on the drive and expertise of its members.

This will work wonders for credibility, confidence and momentum.

Review our climate-wise Action list for ideas.

For any association, organising member events is a fundamental part of its role. Two key factors go to being climate-wise:

  • It’s vital to incorporate climate and sustainability content in association events
  • Prioritise sustainability in choice of venue, equipment and materials

Go to Event Planning page

Financial and other benefits of climate-wise action are listed on our page Benefits of climate-wise action. You might be pleasantly surprised. 

We’ve collated practical examples of actions already taken by climate-wise Australian associations – visit our Shining examples page

And, if you run into challenges:
We also have a presentation booklet for association leaders: