RCSA certified as Climate Active

The Recruitment Consulting and Staffing Association has recently been certified by Climate Active as carbon neutral, covering its Australian business operations. This clearly demonstrates that RCSA understands the imperative for action by Australian associations. CEO, Charles Cameron, said the certification was a positive step for RCSA and the recruitment industry.
Action to date
To become carbon neutral, RCSA calculated the amount of greenhouse gas emissions it produces –  via fuel, electricity use and travel – and created a strategy to reduce this as much as possible. RCSA has also entered into an agreement to ‘cancel out’ the remaining emissions by purchasing carbon offsets and sponsoring a biodiversity reserve project in Indonesia, which was selected by a staff-wide vote.
Mr Cameron said ‘Our strategy includes switching to renewable energy sources where possible, reducing business travel, and ensuring sustainability is part of our procurement processes so that climate impacts are a consideration in future purchasing decisions.
Further plans
As well as the biodiversity reserve project in Indonesia, RCSA plans to take further climate action in the coming year.
Mr Cameron said they also plan to provide education, training and increase awareness amongst the membership of Climate Active, and other activities to respond to climate change and reduce emissions. ‘RCSA is committed to positively shaping the industry and profession through leadership, and views our commitment to Climate Active certification as an important first step to promote action to address the challenges of climate change, and the impacts on workforces and the economy,’ he said.

We hope that by demonstrating our commitment, we are encouraging our members and our industry to lead on climate action too. Our staff were highly engaged in this process, and in continuing our efforts to reduce or eliminated our carbon impacts. We would strongly encourage all businesses to undertake this process. It not only demonstrates good environmental and social governance, but also produces practical tips for how to reduce emissions and build sustainable business operations.

Recent RCSA video workshops on the topic ‘Climate Action, Carbon Footprints & the Green Talent Crisis’ demonstrate not only strategic planning, but using specialist industry knowledge to address emerging issues. Ads for the workshops note that managing and mitigating environmental risks are becoming a critical part of business leadership, with the focus very much moved beyond superficial nice-to-have, into an action-focused approach.
Climate Active scheme
Climate Active is an ongoing partnership between the Australian Government and businesses, set up to encourage and drive voluntary climate action and a reduction in carbon emissions.
Certification as carbon neutral allows organisations to demonstrate their commitment to making climate-friendly choices. It also allows consumers to support businesses and other organisations committed to carbon neutrality, empowering everyone to play their part.
So far, very few associations have been certified under the Climate Active scheme. Illustrating the range of organisation types is Monash Graduates Association, certified in 2021.
RCSA has shown great leadership and initiative in seeking and achieving certification. Let’s see which other associations can be added to the 500-plus organisations already on the list.
ClimateWise Associations’ guidance and toolkit are aimed specifically at associations, which will help any one wanting to be certified and many more steps to being more climate-wise.
Act, read and share
Think what actions your association can take beyond what it’s currently doing. And put your ideas forward for adoption.
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