Rating Tool

The ClimateWise Rating Tool

Our ClimateWise Rating Tool lets you check out how your association actually stacks up. Is there a winning edge? What are gaping holes needing improvement?

This benchmarking tool enables everyone to easily assess their association, identify strengths, gaps and opportunities for improvement. 

It covers all the areas of responsibility associations have for their planning, programs, members, activities and reports.

You can use our nifty benchmarking tool to help you to:

  • get ideas on opportunities for action and integration
  • form action plans
  • pinpoint weaknesses and risks, and use this information in requests for action, investment, funding and resources
  • rate your association now and next year and track progress over time
  • report to your members, stakeholders or other organisations.
Brilliant real-life Australian examples

Examples of the actions listed in the Rating Tool can  be found on our Shining examples page. These links to Australian associations’ actions demonstrate what can be done. 

The examples are drawn from associations of all types and sizes. Leading sector associations and peak bodies, affiliate groups, small community associations and special interest groups. There’s modelling and inspiration in all of them

Explore the examples to motivate and emulate in your own association. 

Explore and fill out the Rating Tool

To download the free ClimateWise Rating Tool, please fill out your details on the form on the right hand side of this page, add any other documents you would like and press submit.
It will take you to the downloads page.

Please h
ave a read over its contents and score your association. This will then guide your next steps. To complete the ratings, you may wish to work together with colleagues. There is also a free climate-wise Action List to download that complements the Rating Tool.

Please note: 

  • you will need to fill out the tool in Adobe Acrobat
  • ratings are for your association’s information and records; we do not capture or retain any information from downloaded forms.

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