New ESG associations guide from Canada

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance is increasingly being embedded into strategies and operations of organisations everywhere. Associations have an opportunity to guide and lead members in this vital area.

While the efforts of many companies in advancing ESG are commendable, very few individual businesses are in a position to influence their whole industry. Despite a genuine commitment to the cause, these organisations often reach the point where they encounter barriers of reduced profits or loss of market share, or simply lack the know-how to progress further effectively.

Unlike for-profit companies, professional, industry, or trade associations are well-poised to influence the entire sector or profession they represent.

Because of their size, and with support from their membership, associations can help achieve progress toward a sustainable future – benefiting not only their members but the broader sector.

Guidance specifically for associations

To help associations embrace their potential and foster their ESG leadership, Canadian standards body, CSA Group recently released a special publication, CSA SPE-116:23, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Associations. It’s available at the CSA Store.

This excellent publication complements ClimateWise Associations’ program and provides guidance that’s also relevant in Australia. It aims to inform, educate, and help associations and their members develop and meet their ESG/SDG objectives.

CSA SPE-116 highlights the opportunities for associations to influence improvements in their sector’s or profession’s ESG/SDG impacts, and create a compelling value proposition for their members.

Climate-wise ESG Guide for associations

While these efforts can help transform their sector, they can also bring many benefits to the association itself.

Leadership on ESG/SDGs can build the association’s credibility, reputation, and public trust in the sector or profession, giving everyone a social license to operate and grow.

Several leading associations in USA and Canada reviewed and supported CSA SPE-116’s development. And all credit to our fellow associations climate action supporter, Coro Strandberg, who was instrumental in developing the publication. 

Climate guidance and tools for Australian associations

Many associations are looking for helpful tools as the rethink their role and how they can inform, educate and support their members in climate action. In Australia, the ClimateWise Associations website covers the rationale and the tools to implement climate action.

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