Frequently asked questions

Here are some typical questions and our answers to help you on your way:

The program caters to both the organisation as an entity and its role with members. A number of proposed actions, like cutting emissions from the association’s activities, can be taken within the organisation itself.  Even greater impact can be achieved by taking actions that benefit members (and potentially the wider sector).

Members themselves can also use the material to help drive action within their own associations.

See our Who this is for page

No, there is no fee. Materials are available free of charge to use and share.

We’re keen for our materials to gain wide use, so please acknowledge us in your publications and wherever you use our templates, case studies, etc, with a link to our website.  That way, more associations take advantage of the materials and make their own changes. 

ClimateWise Associations is a self-help platform, with a vast array of resources provided on this website. Associations are encouraged to make full use of the resources, which will continue to expand over time.

We hope to soon offer an exciting and expanded program that includes:

  • Training modules and webinars
  • Networking forums for collaboration and best-practice sharing
  • Support through peak association bodies

We know associations get pulled in many directions. The tools and guidance we provide are designed to minimise the time and energy you need to take effective action. Try our Starting out page. Financial and other benefits are listed on our Benefits page.

Our Toolkit is all provided free and include templates, checklists, planners and case studies to help even the busiest of associations.

And we’re working toward setting up facilities for networking, mentoring and collaboration to create synergy and savings. 

At the moment, many associations’ actions are only reactive – in response to government policies and regulations. Of course, associations have a role in representing members’ interests and supporting policy implementation, but being reactive is only part of the picture.

Effective action on climate change and emissions-reduction involves a proactive approach. See the climate-wise Action list.

Part of any association’s role is to plan for the future to support members and protect members’ interests. The reality of climate change and emission reduction targets means that all associations need to assess the potential impacts and take action to reduce risks and emissions.

ClimateWise Associations is all about taking those  proactive steps.

It’s only through doing an assessment of the risks and opportunities within a sector that you can work out where your risks and impacts are.

As well as any impact that applies specifically to a sector, everybody needs to work out ways to contribute. Companies and organisations across Australia are increasingly acting and leading. You may be aware that insurers and financial markets are shifting their risks, costs and operating models.

Don’t be left behind. The awful effects of climate change apply in all areas of business and the community, and so too does action to cut emissions. Every association can make a difference and influence others.

Regardless of the level of impact your association has on climate change and emissions – or climate change has on it, ClimateWise Associations advice and tools will help.

Our Case for action page provides information and guidance to help get everyone on board

Financial and other benefits are listed on our Benefits page.

And try looking up our list of Barriers and opportunities to find some strategies you can use.

Yes, you can, go for it. We have created the templates in such a way that they can be used by associations and business. Our primary audience is associations because they deserve plenty of support to address climate change and steer a path for low emissions.

Wherever you come from, please acknowledge ClimateWise Associations and reference our website when you use our materials.

If you have any questions not answered here, drop us an email