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Our documents and templates are ready to use to help with your climate-wise transition. Templates provides suggested wording, guidance and opportunities to tailor messaging to your own situation. You can add your logo, more text, or images to tailor for your own situation and get going!

ClimateWise Associations Overview Booklet

This printable booklet provides information on the climate imperative, reasons for associations to act, and an overview of ClimateWise Associations' resources.

Climate-wise Action List

A list of actions for your association to be climate-wise. Use it for reference or as a checklist.

  • Part 1 – Actions your association can take for members
  • Part 2 – Actions your association can take within its own operations

Directors/Board briefing template

An agenda paper for briefing your association’s board – including the case for action and strategic plans.

Members Seeking Action

Individual members can convey their interest in the association taking more action to become climate-wise. Suggested wording for an email or phone call.

Invite your association members to participate

Invite association members to participate in policy development and strategies.

Sustainable event venue checklist

The first step to hosting a sustainable event is to pick the right venue. Use this checklist to inform your choice.

The ClimateWise Rating Tool

The ClimateWise Rating Tool is a versatile benchmarking tool that allows associations to identify their strengths and weaknesses, formulate action plans, make investment decisions, track progress, report to stakeholders, and get inspired by real-life Australian examples. For more information click here.

Climatewise Overview Booklet

ClimateWise Action List

Board Directors Briefing

Members Seeking Action

Sustainable Event Venue Checklist

Association Executive

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The ClimateWise Rating Tool

Our ClimateWise Rating Tool lets you check out how your association actually stacks up. Is there a winning edge? What are gaping holes needing improvement? This benchmarking tool enables everyone to easily assess their association, identify strengths, gaps and opportunities for improvement. It covers all the areas of responsibility associations have for their planning, programs, members, activities and reports. You can use our nifty benchmarking tool to help you to:

Brilliant real-life Australian examples

Throughout the Rating Tool we have included links to current examples of the various elements. These links to Australian associations’ actions demonstrate what can be done. 

The examples are drawn from associations of all types and sizes. Leading sector associations and peak bodies, affiliate groups, small community associations and special interest groups. There’s modelling and inspiration in all of them

Explore the examples to motivate and emulate in your own association.