Call for national $20M association grants program on climate change

ClimateWise Associations has submitted a proposal to the Australian Government calling for a $20M funding scheme and agreement to establish Australia’s high-impact national capacity-building program targeting associations. By accepting our recommendations and allocating these funds in the 2024 federal budget, the Australian Government will mobilise Australia’s associations to become active leaders in emissions reduction and climate resilience.

Introduction to the $20M Association Grants Proposal

We encourage all associations to advocate for this program to be urgently established. Our Australian and international consultations and research identifies enormous potential for this association grants and wide-reaching climate action support program. Thanks to those who provided insights and input.

Association grants on climate action

Mobilising all Australia’s associations to lead their members

As Minister Chris Bowen has stated ‘Governments alone won’t achieve the changes needed to reach Australia’s emission reduction targets and manage the risks of climate change’. We know that associations are a largely untapped resource that hold sector-specific knowledge and deliver programs like training and certifications across their extensive membership and sectors.

The Role of Associations in Climate Action

Associations reach into every business, industry, profession and community in Australia. Small businesses in particular rely on associations to guide their actions.

A grant scheme would make a real difference to many associations – to assess their members climate risk exposure and develop management strategies to address them.

The return on investment for the Australian Government, our economy and society will be enormous. Our ground-breaking program is the best way to deliver practical professional outreach services, activities and training – to inform, upskill, empower and create the leaders and change agents required within Australia’s thousands of member-based organisations.

Australia’s associations need specific coordinated support programs to revamp their strategies, member programs and investments from business-as-usual to join governments and other leaders in cutting emissions and addressing climate change.

ClimateWise Associations’ approach is to quickly empower associations and thereby their millions of members (including SMEs and communities) to accelerate Australia’s transition to a zero emissions, climate-ready and highly productive resilient economy and society.A Call to Action: How to Support the Grants Program

A Call to Action: How to Support the Grants Program

Read our proposal online, or download it for the facts, and you too can help advocate for this valuable initiative. To get involved and help accelerate the change contact Helen Millicer, [email protected] or Gail Greatorex, [email protected]

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